Key Crown Technology Co. Ltd., based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with factories in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, Kunshan City of Jiangsu province, Fuyuan City and Harbin City of Heilongjiang province, Guigang City of Guangxi province, Pingtung County, Taiwan, Dalat City and Cam Ranh City, Vietnam. Our R&D includes the Department of Biotechnology and the Department of Chemical Industry.
       The Department of Biotechnology is responsible for producing equipment for rapidly producing organic fertilizers, catalysts, and probiotics. Our fermentation equipment can quickly transfer organic material such as organic agricultural wastes, aquaculture wastes......
Technology for rapid production of fertilizersTechnological Innovation
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manufacturing time dramatically shorten

By using our technology, we can produce fertilizers in merely two to three hours, while traditional composting required several months.

No pollution while processing

Using our technology, the organic fertilizers can be made without waste water, stink, and toxicity. As a result, the environmental problems such as waste water, Pathogenic bacteria, CO2 emitting can be avoid. It would not produce any wastes, pollution, and gas-emitting if using our technology.

High efficient system

Our equipment is highly-efficient, and less area occupied(merely 1/20 of traditional space). With an automatic system, it needs only one person to operate.

Cost-down and localization

By using our technology, the problems of large amount of organic materials, storage space as well as secondary pollution can be totally solved. The organic wastes can be transferred into organic fertilizers locally. Our technology can realize localization, customization and lower the transportation cost.

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Dongguan factory Address: No.9, Jizhi South Road, Shutian Industrial Zone, Humen Town,
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0769 - 85310079
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Binxian factory Address: miaolingtun, Yongli village, Jingjian Township, Binxian County,
Heilongjiang Province
Contact person: Manager Xu 18829902280
Fuyuan demonstration base Address: Dongrun fruit and Vegetable Technology Co., Ltd., Tongjiang
Township, Fuyuan City, Heilongjiang Province
Contact person: Manager Zhong 17635432198
Shulan factory Address: Group 6, Hexing village, Chaoyang Town, Shulan City,
Jilin Province
Contact person: Manager Zhong 15245076786
International Department Emai: taiwankh@keycrown.cn
Kunshan Branch Address: No.200 Xinda Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City,
Jiangsu Province, China
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Fax: 0512 - 57952551 Guigang factory Address: anhuacun, anhuazhen, Pingnan Town, Guishi, Guangxi Province
Contact person: manager Huang 18688690829

Vietnam Nha Trang factory Contact person: factory director Chen (+ 84) 2586258800

Taiwan head office Contact person: Ms. Feng + 886-7-2225599
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